Coronation street party

editorial image

THESE photos show local residents celebrating the Coronation of the Queen 60 years ago.

The street party was hosted by the congregation of Aldercar Church and people can be seen in the vicarage grounds and parading through Langley Mill.

The parade is thought to have started in North Street, Langley Mill, and finished in the vicarage gardens.

The photos belong to Douglas Paulson who played Prince Phillip in the proceedings and can be seen in the photo in front of the bus, pictured with the Queen, played by Jennifer Dobson.

Douglas’s mum, Mary, who used to own the photos, can be seen stood at the stall selling crockery in front of the church. She is the lady in the middle in the light coloured coat.

The bus acted as a float on the day for the Queen and Prince Phillip to ride on in the procession up to the church.

It is thought many poeple in the photos still live in the area.