Council committee changes

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Community news

Nottinghamshire County Council has dissolved its rights of way committee and moved its responsibilities to other committees.

Full council approved plans to divide up the Rights of Way Committee’s work between Community Safety, Culture and Planning and Licensing Committees at its meeting last week.

Combined with other changes, the decision will mean a reduction in the number of councillors receiving a special responsibility allowance, saving the council around £7,000 per year.

Under the changes, the Rights of Way Committee’s responsibilities will be transferred, as follows:

Applications for gating orders will transfer to the community safety committee;

Common land, town or village greens, land management, permissive path agreements and non-statutory public access routes will come under the remit of culture committee;

Public rights of way and cycle tracks will now be considered by planning and licensing committee.

Councillor Alan Rhodes, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We are committed to making every part of the council more effective and efficient, including our committee structure.

“The rights of way committee has only met on four occasions in the last 12 months. Whilst it has important functions, we have managed to find a solution where its business can be divided up between other existing committees and considered alongside other relevant business.”