‘Council fobbed me off’

A Kimberley councillor has accused Nottinghamshire County Council of “stalling tactics” after he submitted a request for a zebra crossing in the town.

Councillor Richard Robinson, Broxtowe Borough Council member for Kimberley, forwarded the council letters and emails of complaints from residents and community groups who say EastwoodRroad is dangerous due to cars coming too fast around a corner and vision being impaired.

But Coun Robinson said he was told he had to submit a petition which he branded “asolute nonsense”.

He said: “I’ve been a councillor since 1991 and I know I don’t have to submit a petition.

“They can take submissions of any sphere.

“Why do they need a petition when they have all the evidence?

“I have even given them pictures of recent accidents that have taken place.

“It’s the council using delay tactics.”

Coun Robinson received complaints about the hazardous Nine Corners area of Eastwood Road from people who use Kettlebrook Lodge among others.

Community groups who use the lodge such as Scouts and toddler groups said they struggled to cross the road because of speeding cars and not being able to see what was coming around the corner.

Coun Philip Owen, county councillor for Nuthall and Kimberley, said he had not personally received any complaints about it, but he is arranging to have “slow” markings put on the road in response to a recent accident where a car travelling too fast hit a barrier.

He said: “I have requested ‘slow’ markings be put on the road. However, it would be positively dangerous to put a crossing there.

“Due to the poor vision it would lull pedestrians into a false sense of security.

“Traffic would not be able to see them.”