Council grants for drivers to get more electric cars on Nottinghamshire roads

Grants will go towards paying for charging points
Grants will go towards paying for charging points

A new scheme to get more people using electric vehicles in Nottinghamshire is set to be approved this week.

A host of measures are expected to be voted through by Nottinghamshire County Council, including an additional 230 public charging points being installed throughout the area.

Unlike conventional vehicles, fully-electric vehicles need to be plugged into the mains through special charging points, which the council wants to help promote.

It is part of a £6.1 million scheme to move more drivers away from petrol and diesel vehicles, which is being run in partnership with the city council and with Derbyshire councils.

Nottinghamshire County Council says there is currently no ‘local funding’ required, with money for the scheme coming from central government.

Now, the council will use the £6.1 million to give grants, loans and advice to support businesses which want to invest in electric vehicle charging points.

It will also look at using more electric vehicles in its own fleet.

The council hopes to use the funding to install plug-in points in four different areas: in people’s homes; at workplaces; in public places such as council-owned land; and on residential streets.

To help people who have their own electric car or plug-in hybrid car, or are planning to buy one, the council will help people claim 75 percent of the cost of installing a charge point at home, up to a cost of £500. This is a government scheme which the council will now help promote.

In workplaces, it will help employers apply for up to £25,000 to help install charging points.

The plans are expected to be approved at the Conservative-run council’s Policy Committee on Wednesday.

Kit Sandeman , Local Democracy Reporting Service