Council is advised to create town plan

Kimberley parish hall.
Kimberley parish hall.

Kimberley town councillors have been told to create a ‘neighbourhood plan’ and see new housing developments as a ‘positive rather than a problem’.

Broxtowe Borough Council leader Milan Radulovic told councillors they should see the new developments as an opportunity to regenerate the area’s economy.

“Parish councils should create a neighbourhood plan looking at how it’s going to help jobs and grow the community,” he said at last week’s Kimberley Town council meeting.

“You have got the opportunity to attract business an attract people here to shop.

“Think about this as an opportunity and not a problem. Take your community forward and into this century to ensure a viable future for your town.”

Cllr Radulovic said there was no point in protesting the housing.

“There’s no point in saying ‘don’t build near me’.

“You are all taking your share. It’s not going to be piled in one area”, he told councillors.

“We need to embrace the change. There’s no point moaning about it, we need to look at what we can do about it. “

The council leader said he has tried to keep the development away from the motorway and towards the A610 as an ‘economic regeneration project’.

“We are trying to get traffic away from the motorway junction in Nuthall and nearer the A610 where there’s a need for job creation,” he said

About 650 houses have been earmarked for Kimberley, and there is already provision for 350.

He said he is looking to grow Kimberley by about 15 per cent in the next 20 years – the equivalent of one to one and a half per cent per year.