‘Council is encouraging plastic waste’

Christine Holmes pictured with the plastic bag she has to line her wheelie bin with
Christine Holmes pictured with the plastic bag she has to line her wheelie bin with

The council is not doing its bit to cut down on plastic waste, a pensioner has said.

Broxtowe Borough Council issues every pensioner with a big plastic bag to line their recycling bins with.

Binmen then collect the bags saving pensioners having to wheel their bins out.

But Christone Holmes says while she is grateful for the help, the refuse collectors should just wheel the bin out for those who struggle, rather than issuing ‘pointless’ bin bags.

“In this age where we are supposed to be cutting down on plastic I think it’s terrible.

“I refuse to do it. It’s pointless

“They should just be wheeling the bins out. It only takes a minute. Thats’ what they used to do and we were all very grateful and would give them a little tip at Christmas.

“They’re big, thick bags. It’s going to take years to rot,” she added.

Ms Holmes, 78, rang the council to complain, and was told pensioners did not have to use the bags.

But when she stopped using them she was surprised to see the bin men stand and empty every piece of recycling out into one of the bags, rather than just taking the bin to the lorry.

“I left a note out saying no plastic bags please. But the bin men brought a bag with them and stood and emptied every single piece of recycling out of my bin.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was crazy” she said.

“Why not just take the bin over to the lorry like they do for everybody else?,” she said.

Ms Holmes, of Newthorpe, got in touch with her local MP, Gloria De Piero, who she said was in total agreement with her.

“People don’t realise that it’s your choice whether you use them or not and I think the council should make this clear,” added Ms Holmes.

A spokesperson for Broxtowe Borough Council said: “We are currently working on a project and associated report that will start to address the use of plastics.

“We’ve been in touch with our stakeholders about supporting the national agenda and are working with them to eliminate unnecessary plastic use both within the Council and across the borough.

“We’re working with authorities throughout Nottinghamshire and look forward to letting residents know about the project in the coming months.”