Council issues winter advice

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Nottinghamshire residents at risk this winter are being reminded of the advice and support that is available from Nottinghamshire County Council to keep warm during the cold spell.

Around 400 people die in Nottinghamshire every year due to winter weather and its impact on their health. Many of these deaths could be avoided by people being more aware of the dangers and taking simple steps to keep warm.

Local residents aged over 60 or those who have a disability may be eligible for free door and window draught excluders, letter box covers and radiator panels through the ‘Winter Warmth Check’, which is funded by the council. People with older friends and neighbours should also check they are safe and well through the winter.

Cllr Kevin Rostance, chairman of the council’s adult social care and health committee, said: “Local people aged over 60 or have a disability who a struggling during the cold weather shouldn’t suffer in silence. Cold homes have a significant impact on people’s health.”

When there has been a period of very cold weather during the winter, people who receive pension credit or income support may be able to receive a Cold Weather Payment.