Council joins fight to reduce plastic pollution

An example of plastic pollution by a river.
An example of plastic pollution by a river.

Environmentally-friendly Broxtowe Borough Council is to play its part in the global drive to reduce plastic pollution.

For it has announced a new action plan that commits the council to cutting the amount of plastic it uses.

It is particularly keen to focus on products that are made wholly or partly of plastic and are typically used only once or for a short period of time before being thrown away.

Once disposed of, these products are slow to degrade and so end up in the environment, adversely affecting wildlife, particularly marine animals.

Examples of items commonly recognised as single-use plastics include: takeaway boxes, disposable coffee-cups, stirrers, plastic wrap, polystyrene packaging and cigarette filters. Broxtowe’s action plan will be four-pronged:

AUDITING which single-use plastics the council currently uses in its activities.

ASSESSING the use of single-use plastics by partners and contractors, and seeking their commitment to support the action plan.

HIGHLIGHTING the dangers of single-use plastics to residents and businesses, and encouraging them to use alternatives.

AND LOOKING at the use of plastic at events run by the council, particularly community events.

Coun Shane Easom, chairman of the council’s leisure and environment committee, said: “Single-use plastics are a big talking point at the minute as we all try to help the environment.

“This action plan is the right step forward for Broxtowe. By looking at our own use of plastics, we can set a good example to residents and businesses, and we can help make the borough a cleaner, greener place.”

Along with other councils in the county, Broxtowe decided to tackle the issue after a consulation from the government.