Council joins the battle to change design

Redevelopment work on the old Kimberley Brewery site on Hardy Street. Photo: Chris Etchells
Redevelopment work on the old Kimberley Brewery site on Hardy Street. Photo: Chris Etchells

Kimberley Town Council has joined the fight to campaign against new housing at the brewery site.

The type of housing planned in the next stage of developemnt was labelled ‘bog standard and pitiful’ by the Save Our Brewery (SOBS) campaign group, and now the town council has jumped on board the battle to get designs changed.

Council chairman Roy Plumb said: “They have gone in for a bland design for a site which is a conservation area. Some buildings which have great historic value and it’s out of character.

“For years the owners have assured us they will go ahead with sympathetically designed properties and now this has happened. We’ll be joining SOBS to do everything we can.”

The recent application includes 78 houses split across areas near to Oak Lodge Drive and Nine Corners, the conversion of the maltings building into 18 apartments, conversion of the tower into two apartments and a new three-storey block of 24 flats.

The application was initially submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council back in 2013.

However, the owners of the site have recently instructed new builders and as a result the landscaping, layout and design has changed.

Coun Plumb said: “We were not even told they (the brewery owners) were changing the builders.

“The first we knew about it was when the plans came through.”

The council has now logged a complaint about the designs with Broxtowe Borough Council’s planning department.

“We’ve made our views clear that we are not happy. It’s just a bland run of the mill type design. They are properties you would find in any common estate.”

A spokesman from developer Fairgrove Homes said: “We are committed to building homes of exceptionally high quality that are designed for 21st Century living.”