Council offer for nappies

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE County Council is offering parents a cash back incentive to try using real nappies instead of disposable ones.

To promote Real Nappy Week this week parents and carers across the county can claim back £25 on £50 or more spent on real nappies.

The move is part of Nottinghamshire County Council’s efforts to reduce the amount of household waste sent to landfill – and slash pounds off peoples weekly shopping bill.

It costs taxpayers across Nottinghamshire about £100 to dispose of every tonne of rubbish which ends up at landfill.

And it is estimated that before a child is potty trained, they use nearly 6,000 nappies – weighing in at a hefty tonne a time.

To take advantage of the offer, all residents need to do is complete the claim form at keep their receipts.

This initiative is ongoing throughout the year.

For more information about using real nappies, log onto