Council plans to build 6,150 new homes

An action group has been set up in Greasley to oppose new housing development on greenbelt land.

Greasley Opposes Greenbelt Development (GOGD) has been launched by Kevin Marks who lives in Giltbrook and says he does not want to see the last pieces of greenbelt built on.

He said: “These houses will use up whatever Greenbelt land there is left in Greasley and building on the greenbelt in Giltbrook would join us up with Nottingham.”

“We can’t tolerate any more new development – especially on this proposed scale and on greenbelt which is supposed to be protected.

“We have seen nothing but new development in this area over the past 20 plus years with Giltbrook Retail Park and the rest turning our neighbourhood from a rural to an urban locality.”

One of the members of GOGD is 13-year-old Leah Potter.

She said: “Even as a teenager I enjoy the local fields and countryside here. I don’t want to see lots of dull buildings appearing. Once they’re up we lose our green space for ever.”

GOGD will have its its first public meeting at Greasley Parish Hall on July 12 and Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry will be there.

Broxtowe Borough Council is currently running a public consultation. Visit to see the suggested sites for development and submit letters of objection by July 23.

Visit GOGD’s website at or email