Council says changes are not possible

A Kimberley man determined to get improvements made at an A610 junction wants all parish and town councils to unite in a bid to help step up his campaign.

Steve Brunt said if all councils back his campaign, changes are more likely to be made at the junction near the B&Q Island in Eastwood to make it safer.

Mr Brunt – who recently branded the junction a death trap – appealed to Eastwood town councillors in a meeting this week.

He said: “Local parish and town councils should join forces to see what we can do about this junction. We need to do some radical campaigning to see what can be done.

“There’s tyre marks and glass from headlights down there as we speak, so there’s been yet another accident.

“Our residents pass through there and it’s important we make it safe and see what we can do to bring about some proper improvements.”

Eastwood Town Council agreed it was a good idea and said they would write a letter to the Highways Authority highlighting the dangers and demanding action.

Cllr Charlie Robb said: “The county council has got to be told we will not tolerate the amount of accidents we are getting.”

Mr Brunt told the Advertiser last month vehicles on the A610 were careering into merging traffic off the slip road because of a lack of warning signs. He also said drivers merging from the slip road were not stopping because white give way lines had worn away.

He said there was ‘continous collisions’ and speed cameras and a crash barrier should also be installed as well as signs warning a junction is approaching.

Just two weeks after Mr Brunt approached us a man was cut out of his car after crashing with a lorry.