Council under fire

David Kirwan and Kat Boettge outside Kimberley parish hall..
David Kirwan and Kat Boettge outside Kimberley parish hall..

Kimberley Town Council is under fire amid calls for two of its senior members to quit and claims it is ‘no longer democratic’.

Green Party representatives Katharina Boettge and David Kriwan resigned at a stormy open meeting in protest over their concerns about the running of the council and its relationship with residents.

They are the eighth and ninth members to leave in the last two years.

Now Kimberley Residents’ Association has called on the chairman, Cllr David Nunn, and his predecessor, Cllr Jim McDonald, to give up their seats.

But a defiant Cllr Nunn told the Advertiser: “There is no possibility of myself or Cllr McDonald resigning from the council.

“We were elected in May 2011, we have been part of a council pursuing a new and exciting initiative and intend to see the job through.”

At the stormy meeting on Thursday July 31, Cllr Boettge said she could not be part of the council as it was ‘no longer democratic’.

Concerns were raised by the outgoing Greens, who themselves faced allegations of bullying, which they vehemently denied.