Council votes no tram for Kimberley

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A controversial faesibility study into a tram extension to Kimberley will not go ahead until an investigation into the problems with Phase Two has been carried out, says Broxtowe Borough Council.

At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday evening, Liberal Democrat and Conservative councillors rejected plans to contribute £20,000 towards the costs of the study into the extension of the Phoenix Park branch to Kimberley and Ikea.

Although the cabinet voted in July to allow the £70,000 study to go ahead, they have now reviewed their position after numerous issues with the construction of the tramline to Chilwell and Clifton.

Lib Dem leader David Watts said that although he supported plans for a tram to Kimberley, Phase Two was six months late in its delivery and so they would not be progressing with the faesibility study until there had been an investigation by the City Council.

He added: “Creating a twenty first century tram system is still a concept in its infancy and we know that Nottingham is not the only system where there has been problems with construction.

“It is important that we carefully look at what has gone wrong and see what lessons can be learnt before we look at extending the system further.

“Until we know what the issues are how can we consider whether future lines are feasible?”

The proposal was defeated by six votes to four.