Council worries over Nuthall police base

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CONCERNS about police officers being based at a community centre in Nuthall were raised at a council meeting this week.

The Temple Centre is to be used by police officers as a base after Kimberley Police Station closes, but Nuthall Parish councillor Brian Watson said he was worried the number of bookings at the centre would drop, and he did not like the idea of police vehicles ‘jamming up the car park’.

“I am quite concerned,” he said. “I have heard that other places that have taken officers on in similar situations have lost bookings.

“If they are going to be coming here with five or six cars and upsetting people who book with us I don’t know whether it’s a good idea,” he said.

But Cllr Philip Owen said it would be good to have a police presence in Nuthall.

“I don’t think it’s any harm for police to be coming out of here and being seen in our locality. I think it’s something to be welcomed,” he said.

Cllr Owen added it would only be two officers, Paul Maltby and Neil Reddish, based at the Temple Centre so the majority of police vehicles would be kept at Eastwood Police Station.

The comments were made at a Nuthall Parish Council meeting on Tuesday after the clerk read out the letter from the police force asking for permission to use the building.

The councillors were miffed no police officer had attended the meeting to talk them through the plans properly, and said the letter missed key details such as length of agreement.

Council clerk Sue Stack said: “There’s no length of agreement here, or hours. One thing they do seem to be concerned with though is having a designated car parking space and I don’t know why they should have one here really.”

Councillors said they would agree to letting the office out to the officers, and they would monitor it for three months to see how it went.

The Temple Centre is one of three locations where police officers will be based. The other two are the Ikea security office and Kimberley Parish Hall.

Plans to close Kimberley Police Station to plug a hole in the force budget will be decided on October 12.