Councillor calls for more action to tackle noise from A610

Traffic rumbles along the A610 near Birches Park.
Traffic rumbles along the A610 near Birches Park.

A frustrated councillor is calling for decisive action to tackle noise nuisance from the busy A610 road in Kimberley and Eastwood, with local residents claiming the problem is worse than ever.

Cllr Richard Robinson, a Kimberley representative on Broxtowe Borough Council, says he has been dealing with this issue since 2001.

He is now demanding that the highways department at Notts County Council undertake fresh noise-monitoring measures.

The call comes after a sample of residents told the Labour councillor that noise from the road is worse than when he arranged for noise to be monitored in parts of Kimberley previously.

Residents on Kimberley Close, Hayley Close, Dawver Road and Laverock Close have been consulted.

He believes the levels of noise should have sparked more action.

He said: “For many years the county council, despite requests from myself including a number of meetings, did not take any specific action.

“Along with the other councillors in the ward, I have been asked to take this up again by local residents and we have been in touch with a sample of them.

“The overwhelming information we have received is that the noise is worse, and so we have asked the county council again to install noise-monitoring equipment.”

In response to Cllr Robinson’s claims, Chris Charnley, head of highways management at County Hall, said: “We have responded to Cllr Robinson numerous times in the past.

“We have previously carried out noise assessments on the A610, none of which justified any action.”

Cllr Robinson said that if the council did not respond to his most recent request for noise-monitoring measures to be installed, he would make a formal complaint.

He added: “We want to use information gathered from the measures to try and persuade the council to think creatively about working towards a long-term solution.

“We have now asked formally for them to undertake new noise measurements this year, at least twice, and are yet to recieve a response.

“We have done everything in terms of consulting with residents.

“We will give a further opportunity for the council to respond and if there is nothing received by June 20 we will then instigate a formal complaint.”