Councillor dismisses consultation criticism

A KIMBERLEY councillor has been accused of not working alongside fellow councillors enough and not consulting them on what he is doing.

Kimberley Town Council chairman Roy Plumb said Cllr Richard Robinson should speak to other councillors about issues he is working on in the town.

Cllr Plumb said he reads about what Cllr Robinson is up to in the Advertiser, and said he should consult with the town council before he emails his monthly newsletter out, which goes to about 800 residents.”

But Cllr Robinson dismissed the criticism and argued that he did work with other councillors.

“I do work closely with them. I, and the other borough councillors, look to work with the town council as much as possible. That’s our job,” he said.

Cllr Robinson represents Kimberley on Broxtowe Borough Council.