Councillor gets potholes filled


AN EASTWOOD councillor met with a local resident and a member of the county council’s highways team to fix potholes in the town’s Church Street.

Cllr Keith Longdon arranged for the potholes to be filled in on Church Street after he received a letter of complaint from Nigel Morgan who lives in Swift Court.

The councillor, who represents Eastwood on Nottinghamshire County Council, arranged to meet Nigel and Ian Parker from the council’s highways team to inspect the potholes at the junction of Church Street and Ratcliffe Street.

Cllr Longdon said: “We’ve had two bad winters which have really affected our roads so I do understand the residents concerns. I went on every road in Eastwood last year and took notes of the bad areas and I intend doing the same this year. I will forward my findings to the appropriate department at the council again. I know that Walker Street, Church Street and Chewton Street are particularly bad and I can assure the residents of Eastwood that I will do everything I can.”