Councillor hits back at leader

Mansfield road Eastwood. eastwood town council offices.
Mansfield road Eastwood. eastwood town council offices.

An Eastwood town councillor called for the leader of the council to resign this week following a row that broke out over party loyalty.

At last month’s council meeting, leader of the council, Cllr David Bagshaw, Labour, blasted fellow Labour members Cllrs Brian Griffin and Ken Kenny for not voting alongparty lines and not being committed to the party’s election campaign.

But at a meeting of Eastwood Town Council this week, Cllr Kenny hit back, calling on Cllr Bagshaw to resign over what he claimed were ‘bully-style comments’.

“At the last meeting Cllr Bagnshaw asked that both myself and Brian (Cllr Griffin) write to the town clerk stating where our political allegiances lie,” said Cllr Kenny.

“I would like to extend that invitation to him and anyone that is in support of what he said to write to the clerk handing in letters of resignation from this council for the bully-style, derogatory and intimidating comments.”

At the last meeting, Cllr Bagshaw blasted the two councillors, accusing them of not supporting the Labour group fully and called their behaviour ‘abhorrent’.

He claimed they were only on the council for the sake of ‘narcissism’.

But they both said they voted for what they thought was best for the town, and said party politics should not come into it at town council level.

And this week Cllr Kenny said if anyone should be blamed for narcissism it is Cllr Bagshaw. “He should take a look in the mirror,” he said.

“Not satisfied with being the leader of the majority party he wants to win every single vote, and when he doesn’t he turns on people that just want the council to work together.”

Cllr Bagshaw declined to comment when approached by the Advertiser this week, but did say he spoke on behalf of the whole of the Eastwood Labour group, not just himself.