Councillor hits out at police

NEAALM110803C1 - Eastwood Police station
NEAALM110803C1 - Eastwood Police station

An Eastwood town councillor hit out at police this week for not acting on reports of suspected drug activity.

Cllr Ken Woodhead told PCSO Peter Keeley in an Eastwood Town Council meeting on Monday night that he had reported suspicious activity and it had not been acted on.

He said: “I reported something a few months ago and nothing has been done. I sit and watch it. It still goes on.

“You encourage people to report these things but if they are not going to see anything happening, they are not going to bother are they?”

The councillor went on to say that he shied away from reporting crime because he felt he was now ‘classed as a nuisance’.

“I have reported a lot to the police and I have got to the stage where I feel like I am classed as a nuisance,” he said.

“I have done a lot of work with the police in the past but I just feel they think I’m a pest now.”

PCSO Keeley assured Cllr Woodhead that police took reports of drug activity seriously, and said if he was being made to feel like a nuisance reporting crime he should arrange a meeting with the officer who oversees policing in the town, Sgt Andy Browing.

“I can reassure you we are on to it with tackling drug activity in the town,” said the PCSO.

“It sometimes depends on the information given. Sometimes a second piece of information is needed to corroborate it. It depends what people have seen.

“Regarding feeling like a nuisance I’m sure Sgt Browning will be happy meet with you.

“I think that needs to be dealt with at a higher level.”