Councillor reported for ‘jumping ahead’ with barriers

KIMBERLEY councillor Richard Robinson has been reported to the chief executive of Broxtowe Borough Council after barriers were taken off a town pathway.

Cllr Richard Robinson raised a resident’s concerns about the barriers in Edgwood Road stopping a mobility scooter user getting access to the pathway – leading to them being removed.

But the move has resulted in youths dangerously screaming up and down the alley on motorbikes and councillors and residents say Cllr Robinson should have consulted people before jumping ahead.

Cllr Ken Rigby, who represents the town on Nottinghamshire County Council which is responsible for roads and pavements, also says he should have been informed first and has reported Cllr Robinson to chief executive Ruth Hyde.

“I’m disgusted at what’s happened,” said Cllr Rigby. “It shouldn’t have been done without my say so.”

But Cllr Robinson has defended his actions and said he did not arrange for them to be taken down and only raised the concerns from one resident.

“I just asked the question if they could be taken down and enquired about some sort of mobile lockable system and next thing I knew they were gone,” he said. “All I did was make some inquiries.”

Cllr Robinson has now asked the borough council for it to be reviewed in a month if the bikes are still causing problems.