Councillor’s disgust at mining

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A Kimberley town councillor has spoken out about her disappointment that open cast mining was given the go-ahead in Cossall.

Nottinghamshire County councillors gave UK Coal the green light to mine the countryside – known as ‘DH Lawrence land’ – at a meeting earlier this month.

But Cllr Kat Boettge said she had ‘serious concerns’ about the local impact.

Ms Boettge said surface mining brought risks including air pollution and congestion.

“Surface mining brings serious health impacts due to dust and noise pollution,” she said.

“Further risks include possible chemical contamination of ground water and an increased risk of flooding.

“An overwhelming number of scientists say climate change say is directly linked with burning fossil fuels,” added Cllr Boettge.

The town councillor said we needed to invest in green energy.

“It is absolutely ludicrous to open a new coal mine, we need to invest in Green energy now. This is what Germany has done and now with over 20 per cent of its electricity coming from renewables, wholesale electricity prices are falling.’

The plans for the 130 hectares on Shortwood Farm were passed by the council’s planning and licensing committee.

The mining will take place over five years and will extract 1.275 tonnes of coal.