Councillor thanks town for support

Cllr Keith Longdon
Cllr Keith Longdon

A Lib Dem councillor in Eastwood has this week said he would like to thank residents for their support following the recent elections.

Cllr Keith Longdon, a Nottinghamshire county councillor and now Eastwood town Mayor, said he was ‘delighted’ with the support of townfolk after nine Lib Dem councillors were elected onto Eastwood Town Council.

He said: “We put forward 15 candidates for the town council and I’m pleased to say nine were successful meaning we will now have control.”

The councillor said he looked forward to the town council moving into its new base, the Post Office building.

“It will provide a serviceable chamber for meetings and also a community room for private use. It is more than five years since we left our old offices and we have been in rented accommodation. The Post Office is an ideal base for the council and means the Post Office will continue.”

A small works loan will be attained, which was already budgeted for by the previous council, to complete refurbishment. Future improvements and refurbishment to the building will be done with a grant.

In the town council elections, councillors voted on to the Eastwood Hall ward were Rebecca Buck (LD), Bob Charlesworth (LD), Sue Holbrook (LD) and Ken Woodhead (Lab).

Voted onto the Eastwood Hilltop ward were Sue Bagshaw (Lab), David Hallam (Ind), Keith Longdon (LD), Tony Rowland (LD) and Rebecca Swann (LD).

In the Eastwood St Mary’s ward are David Bagshaw (Lab), Peter Lippiatt (LD), Josie Marsters (LD), Charlie Robb (Ind), Claire Thompson (LD), and David Townes (LD).

In Brinsley the councillors are John Booth, Rebecca Buck, Chris Morris, Meryl Topliss and Valerie Wakeling.

In Beauvale the councillors are John Handley (Con) and Tony Harper (Con). In Greasley they are Simon Ackroyd (Con), Maureen Barry (Con), Mick Brown (Con), Ian Coupland (Con), Margaret Handley (Con), June Layton (Con), Adrian Limb (Con), James O’Mahoney (Con) and Peter Pickering (Con).

Councillors voted on to Kimberley Town Council were Rosie Bartram (Lab), Steve Brunt (KRA), Andy Cooper (Lab), Sue Cooper (Lab), Theresa Davies (KRA), Shane Easom (Con), Claire French (KRA), Sue McEntee (KRA), David Nunn (Ind), Roy Plumb (KRA), Trevor Rood (KRA), Dot Saxton (KRA), Keith Saxton (KRA), John Sisson (KRA) and Terry Syson (KRA).

In Nuthall councillors include Jayne Baumber (Con), Una Fisher-Wilson (Con), William Mitchell (Con), Jill Owen (Con), Philip Owen (Con), Michael Spencer (Con), Rita Spencer (Con), John Straw (Con), Maureen Towers (Con), Linda Carter, Mark Copeland, Christine Hall and Brian Watson.