Councillors demand clean-up at estates

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FURIOUS Labour councillors have called for the town’s industrial estates to be cleaned up.

They blame the graffiti, litter and state of the Manners and Quarry Hill industrial estates for more businesses not setting up in Ilkeston.

Leader of the Labour party, Cllr Howard Griffiths, said: “Erewash has lots to offer both to our existing businesses and to potential new investors but the approach to the Manners Estate is out-dated.

“These are tough times and to beat the competition we need to be ahead of the game.

“These are key employment areas and this institutionalised neglect is utterly unacceptable.”

After a visit to the Manners Industrial Estate, Cllr Griffiths, added: “From the muck underfoot to the elderly sign and home grown graffiti it’s a total and utter turn-off.

“Forget about attracting new businesses – I felt embarrassed to stand next to the disgusting sign and I could walk away, unlike the resident businesses that are paying expensive rates and deserve a better deal than this.”

Erewash Borough Council told the Advertiser that they have issued notices but as the land is privately owned they can only take certain action.

Nick Thurstan, head of environment and community safety, said: “Although the Council has a duty to maintain land that is accessible to the public such as parks, open spaces and highway verges, it has no responsibility to maintain land in private ownership.

“As the land at Manners and Quarry Hill Industrial Estates is privately owned, the Council is seeking the co-operation of land owners to secure the removal of litter and graffiti as quickly as possible.

“A ‘Litter Clearing Notice’ has already been issued at Quarry Hill and a similar approach will be taken at the Manners Industrial Estate as soon as the Council is satisfied that any littering is detrimental to the local area.”