‘Councillors have no civility and no respect’

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A member of the public hit out at Eastwood Town Council at a meeting on Monday night, telling councillors their behaviour was ‘disgusting’.

Brian Fretwell said the councillors had no civility or respect for each other.

“You have been put there by the people to work for the people. You top the lot for being a bad council,” he said.

“Civility - you have never heard of the word. It’s disgusting. You have no respect for each other.

“Your behaviour, councillors, is terrible,” added Mr Fretwell.

The pensioner, who lives in South Street, said the number of people attending the meetings had drastically reduced over the years.

“I have been coming to these meetings for six years and have attended more than some of the councillors and the standard is terrible.

“We have got two people here tonight. When I came six years ago there was 50,” he said.

Eastwood Mayor Hazel Charlesworth, who chaired the meeting, said she agreed with Mr Fretwell that the council had to work better together.

“I agree with what was said at the meeting she said.

“By now we should be working together. Hopefully in the future we will find a way to.”