Countdown to Kimberley cancer support centre

Ryan Lee Trust, main Street, Kimberley
Ryan Lee Trust, main Street, Kimberley

The Countdown has begun for the much anticipated opening of the Ryan Lee Trust.

The family support centre on Main Street, Kimberley is set to open on Saturday, March 7 to more than 100 visitors, with one of it’s young users kitting the ribbon at 10pm.

Ryan Lee, aged 14.

Ryan Lee, aged 14.

Charity trustee, Deb Lee, said: “There are so many families who are waiting to use our support centre so we can’t wait a moment longer to open.”

There will be a tombola on the launch day, with a balloon-filled room and rumours that Spongebob Squarepants will be in attendance.

Work has been done right up until the launch date, added Deb.

“I’ve been waiting on some joiners to come and fit the rails and toughened glass to the floor and side wall... that’s it.”

“Oh and a box for the cabling.

“Then I just need to clean the place up but it’ll be ready for Saturday,” she said earlier in the week.

And fundraising continues for the trust, which has purchased a great deal of expensive specialist equipment to aid children while playing.

“We’ve had six months rent granted by Broxtowe Borough Council.

“We’ve still got to keep the place running and it’s hard keeping admin costs down.

“Big charities lose huge amounts in administration and I don’t agree with that. Fundraising and donations is all about spending it on the purpose it was given”.

The trust, named after Deb’s son who passed away from brain tumours, has been set up to offer families the kind of care Deb says she would have wanted while Ryan was in hospital.

It provides toys, games, books and a place to go for children of all ages, and for parents to talk over coffee.