County’s baby names in line with nation

The top ten names for babies in Nottinghamshire are broadly in line with the top ten names nationally for 2012.

Nottinghamshire County Council is the registration authority for the county including the registering of baby names.

The service announced its top ten for the 12 months prior to June 2012 earlier this year.

Pregnancy and parenting website BabyCentre has compiled its top 100 from its 8,400 national members for 2012.

The national survey places Harry as the most popular boy’s name which comes second in the local chart.

Amelia ranks top nationally as a girl’s name which reaches fourth place in Nottinghamshire.

Popular boy’s names in the local top ten such as Alfie, Archie, Oscar and Jenson do not feature in the national top ten.

Likewise, Mia, the most popular girl’s name in Nottinghamshire, only just squeezes into the national top ten at 10th place.

Councillor Mick Murphy, the Chairman of the Council’s Community Safety Committee, said: “This latest national survey of top baby names shows local trends for Nottinghamshire are broadly in line with the UK picture.

“However, there some interesting exceptions, particularly amongst the top boy’s names in Nottinghamshire where many do not feature in the national top ten.”