Couple fined over garden

A COUPLE in Kimberley were taken to court and fined after they illegally extended their garden into greenbelt land.

Spencer and Debbie Barlow ignored Broxtowe Borough Council’s letters about the unlawful use of the land and between them were fined £700 in court. Mr and Mrs Barlow, of Blants Close, extended their garden into greenbelt land with a trampoline, climbing frame, swing, slide, shed, table and chairs.

After ‘prolonged efforts by planning officers’ the council served them a formal notice in January 2010, and instead of removing the items, they built some decking and put a new door on the side of their property to access the land.

The magistrate said in court they had shown a ‘blatant disregard for planning law’ and there had been ‘deliberate and persistent non-compliance’