Couple’s Royal meeting

A Cotmanhay couple were congratulated by the Queen on celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary in the same year as the Diamond Jubilee.

Derek and Joan Atkins were among couples from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire who were invited to a special reception when the Queen, Prince William and Kate visited Nottingham.

Mrs Atkins said: “It was a surprise to us until we got the invite to go.

“Our son nominated us and we had no idea that he’d done it.

“The Queen came over and congratulated us.

“She went around talking to everyone and shaking hands with all the people there.

“We didn’t get to chat to her much but she was lovely.”

After meeting the Queen the couple waited as Prince William and Kate made their way around the couples in the ballroom.

Mr Atkins said: “Kate came over and she said congratulations.

“She said 60 years is a long time and we said yes.

“I told her that I hoped her and William last just as long and she thanked me.”

The visit to Nottingham was the latest leg on the Queen’s Jubilee Tour.

After arriving at the Council House, the Royal party made their way on to the balcony to wave to the waiting crowds.

Mrs Atkins said: “There were so many people it was unbelievable.

“You could hear them all cheering and they all had flags waving.

“We had a lovely day.”

The couple, who live on Nelson Street, said they will always remember the day.

Mr Atkins said: “We were really lucky to be invited because there were lots of people who sent letters in.

“It was a really goo d day, we’ve been telling everyone all about it ever since we were there.”