Crews called to collect loose tiles from roof

Questions will be asked over the removal of asbestos at the derelict office of Walter, Scott and Ross at tonight’s full council meeting.

Cllr Cheryl Pidgeon will put her concerns to leader of the council, Cllr Chris Corbett, after tests reveled that asbestos was present at the defunct firm’s former office on St Mary’s Gate.

Cllr Pidgeon said: “I know that the material has now been removed butit took two weeks.

“I understand that the council are in a tough position but when the people of Erewash’s health is at stake I would expect to see action taken sooner.

“I know that removing asbestos is costly but for the sake of saving a few pounds her and a few pounds there it should have been sorted sooner.

“People’s health is paramount.”

The material appeared at the side of the building after an external stairway was removed because residents complained about kids playing on the usafe structure.

Local residents are expected to pack out the public gallery at Long Eaton Town Hall when the matter is brought up tonight.

Residents in the area have told the Advertiser they are getting increasingly concerned about the building and are fed up of nothing being done.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “I’m surprised the stress of all this hasn’t put me in an early grave.

“We residents are sick to the back teeth of it now.

“If it’s not one problem it’s another and we want something doing about it.

“Every day there is something new and it’s getting ridiculous now.”

Another neighbour added: “It’s been boarded up properly now but there are still plenty of problems.

“I wasn’t surprised to find out about the asbestos.

“There could be fibres all in the air, you just don’t know and there’s been kids playing over there near it.

“It’s dangerous stuf and we don’t want to be living near it.”

Cllr Barbara Harrison, lead member for environment, said: “The council acted as it should when we were informed about the material at Walter, Scott and Ross.

“We acted immediately and served the correct ntoice and the material was removed from the site within the 14 day period.

“Our own tests showed that the material posed a miniamla risk to health and only if it was disturbed.

“We would never put the publics’ health at risk.”