Crime figures fall in Eastwood

Crime in Eastwood has reduced over the last year according to figures revealed at a town council meeting this week.

PCSO Peter Keeley told councillors on Monday night that crime figures recorded in Eastwood between May and August this year are lower than those recorded during the same three month period last year.

In the Easwtood south ward, which includes the town centre, there was a reduction of 39 crimes, with 128 recorded this year compared to 167 last year.

Two houses were broken into this year, while 11 were broken into last year, 25 incidents of criminal damage were reported this year, compared to 47 last year and anti-social behaviour has seen a reduction of 53 incidents with 113 reported in 2012 and 166 in 2011.

In the Eastwood north ward, which includes Brinsley, ten more crimes were reported when compared to last year, but police say this is because of a high number of incidents reported by the same family.

The offender, Nathan Furnell, has now been sent to prison for ten years for various offfences, including armed robbery.

Between May and August, there were no domestic burglaries or robberies, theft and handling offences fell from seven last year to four this year and violence with injury fell from two incidents last year to none .

Martin Battison, beat manager for Eastwood south said: “Anti-social behaviour is at the lowest level for some time thanks to contracts and orders being issued, the new youth club being built and other diversion tactics that have engaged teenagers and reduced the number of them gathering in the evenings.”