Behaviour contracts handed to hedgehopping Kirk Hallam teens

HEDGEHOPPING teens in Kirk Hallam have been warned by beat bobbies to stop their nuisance behaviour.

A group of six youths, all aged between 12 and 15 were spoken to by officers from Kirk Hallam and Stanton-by-Dale Safer Neighbourhood Team when they responded to calls from the public.

Residents of Deepdale Avenue made complaints over trespassing.

As a result parents of two of the youths were sent an anti-social behaviour letter, one is being dealt with for breaching an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) and the other three will be handed ABCs.

Pcso Matt Lewis said: “The group were identified from descriptions and information received from members of the public. 

“Hedge hopping can just seem like a bit of fun, however it can cause alarm and distress to residents as well as cause damage. 

“I would urge anyone involved to consider how they might feel if it was happening to one of their family members.”

Call 101 to speak to local officers or report anti-social behaviour.