Booze ban to fight anti-social drinkers

TROUBLEMAKERs in Kimberley and Nuthall have been banned from drinking alcohol outside after years of anti-social behaviour problems.

The police have enforced an alcohol ban in Kimberley, Nuthall and certain areas of Watnall after residents repeatedly reported drunk teenagers being verbally abusive and rowdy.

Kimberley PCSO Paul Toon said he has wanted the banning order for over five years.

He said: “It manifests itself and gets worse with the lighter nights, but it’s been going on for quite a few years.

“It will send the message out that we will not put up with anti-social behaviour and the residents won’t either.”

The worst areas are around the Greens Lane precinct and outside the leisure centre in Kimberley, and in parks and open green spaces.

PCSO Toon said: “It has been said in the past that people have had to ‘run the gauntlet’ through the precinct and it’s just not on.

“Families are kept off the parks in summer because of groups of youths hanging around and broken glass everywhere.”

Reports of anti-social behaviour were coming from residents, shoppers in Kimberley and staff at the leisure centre, and the troublemakers were being caught on CCTV.

The new law will give police officers the power to confiscate alcohol and will see youths threatened with criminal charges if they refuse, or they are caught for a second time.

Police in Kimberley have been working with Broxtowe Borough Council’s legal team on the plans.

Head of legal services Simon Smith said: “It was first muted about six months ago for a smaller area, but we kept having to re-draw the area because new hotspots appeared.

“The other thing is if you do a very small area, it just displaces the crime elsewhere.

“We are now confident that there’s nowhere for people who are public drinkers and who are involved in criminal activity to be displaced to.”

Mr Smith said that Sainsbury’s opposite the precinct found it hard to police the problem because the teenagers were getting older friends to buy the alcohol for them.

The ban was enforced in Eastwood town centre three years ago and police have noticed a huge reduction of anti-social behaviour since.