Burglars target Red Cross office

NEAA 12-09-12 BE 19 British red cross, Colliers way, Nuthall.
NEAA 12-09-12 BE 19 British red cross, Colliers way, Nuthall.
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Burglars hurled a concrete block through the window of a charity office in Nuthall and ripped the overhead projector from the ceiling.

Intruders threw a breeze block through the ground floor window at the British Red Cross office at an industrial estate in Nuthall last weekend and escaped with a projector that was wired up to the ceiling in the conference room.

A worker at the charity’s administration office said it was not the first time they had been targeted.

“It’s not the first time it’ s happened and it makes it all the worse that we’re a charity,” she said.

“The projector was wired into the wall so it would have been quite difficult for them to take.”

The PCSO for Nuthall, Neil Reddish, said: “Staff closed the office up on Friday and reported the incident Monday at 9am so it happened at some time over the weekend.

“It’s a strange thing to steal.

“I’ve not heard of any other projectors in the borough being taken, so I think they just took what they could.”

Yobs also threw bricks and stones at the window last summer.

PCSO Reddish said: “There was an incident last summer as well.

“They tried throwing something through the window but didn’t gain entry.

“It could have just been to cause criminal damage but we don’t know.

“We do get groups who frequent the industrial estate because they use it as a hang out point.”

A spokesperson for British Red Cross said: “We are disappointed it’s happened, but thankfully nothing major was stolen.

“Police have fingerprinted the room and we are waiting to hear back from them.

The office in Colliers Way is the administration headquarters for Nottinghamshire and also hires out equipment such as wheelchairs to patients.