Carer is jailed for doing this to OAP

Injuries sustained by Edna Wright in the attack. a
Injuries sustained by Edna Wright in the attack. a

A widow attacked in a nursing home room by her carer is still suffering pains from the assault – four months after it took place.

Sarah Frith was working at the Codnor Park Nursing Home when she grabbed, pushed and throttled 85-year-old Edna Wright in October, leaving her with horrific bruises that left her hospitalised.

This week Frith was jailed for 15 weeks for assault at a hearing at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor John Cooper said the attack was provoked when Mrs Wright, who is still shaken and still experiencing ‘constant’ pains in her right arm, was being dressed by Frith on October 17.

Frith left the room and after20 minutes, Mrs Wright thought she had been forgotten and pressed her bell for attention.

Frith then said: “I don’t come when you ring the bell. I come when I’m good and ready,” according to Mr Cooper.

The carer then punched Mrs Wright in the chest and left the room, saying ‘wait there until I’m ready’.

Mr Cooper added: “Mrs Wright would like to put across that she feels the care worker should not be allowed to work with vulnerable people ever again.

“This was a most grotesque breach of trust.”

Frith, who had worked at the nursing home for five years before the incident, has since been dismissed. The hearing on February 20 heard how she is now working one night a week as a bartender in Ripley.

In mitigation, Matt Evans told the court that on the day of the assault, Frith, of Launds Avenue, Selston, was one of only four staff looking after 38 residents and they were all under a lot of pressure.

He added: “It is difficult to mitigate in a case like this, but it is right to say that she didn’t intend to cause those injuries in any way, shape, or form.

“The defendant is 29 years of age, with no previous convictions. I am confident in saying this is a one off.”

But handing down a sentence, magistrate Harold Mellor, said there was no option but to send Frith to prison.

He said: “This is one of the most serious assaults to have come before this court.

“It happened in the victim’s own room, where she should have been able to feel safe.

“This was a gross breach of trust. She’s still receiving treatment for her injuries and the psychological effects remain.”

Speaking after the trial Mrs Wright’s daughter, Gill Kirk, said her mother’s injuries have now healed but the events are still vivid in her mind.

Gill, of Heanor, said: “My mother was taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm, the arm wasn’t broken but it became apparent whilst at the hospital that she was having several internal bleeds both to her neck and arm which necessitated her staying in overnight – they were potentially life threatening.

“We were told that if one of the bleeds burst, it would go straight to her brain and kill her instantly.

“The assault happened on October 17, it’s only two weeks since my mother stopped having treatment to her arm. She still has constant pain.”

This week manageress of the home at Glasshouse Hill, Codnor, ome, Linda Bexton said: “This was an act carried out by one person and it has left all the staff and myself very emotional and upset.”

She added that Mrs Wright, a mother-of-five who lived in the Golden Valley area for most her life who was once a driver for a bakery, is “very settled and happy to remain at Codnor Park”.She also thanked her daughters for “being very supportive throughout.”