Court rules harassment man can live at his Mansfield home

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A restraining order made at Mansfield Magistrates Court has been amended to make it clear that the man it concerns can legally live at his address.

Mark Radford, 58, was ordered not to go on to a certain part of Brookland Avenue, by magistrates on May 24, after he was convicted of harassment.

Rebecca Williams, for Radford, said the intention of the order was to let him use one end of the road and not go past the victim's address.

She applied to vary the order to clarify that he can live at his address.

Sarah Sanderson, for the crown, said the complainant lives directly opposite Mr Radford.

District judge Jonathan Taaffe varied the order for Mr Radford not to go to the address of the complainant.

He said: "Clearly if he's hanging around outside there, I would take the view it's a deliberate attempt to breach the order."

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