Crime over Christmas in Nottinghamshire halved

The number of crimes committed in Nottinghamshire over Christmas has more than halved.

Records show that the number of crimes committed in the county during the festive period was 53 per cent less than the number committed in 2002, when records began.

In December 2002, 12,166 crimes were committed, and last month 5,556 crimes were committed.

Vehicle crime has dropped by 79 per cent, house burglary has fallen by 71 per cent, robbery has reduced by 41 per cent and violence has dropped by 11 per cent.

Chief Constable Julia Hodson said: “I can happily confirm the county has enjoyed its safest festive period for a very long time, which means there has been many, many fewer victims of crime.

“There has been one or two very serious incidents, which all cities across the country have to deal with, but our officers have performed admirably, responding quickly and making the most of early investigative opportunities.”