Eastwood concrete firm needs your help after tools are stolen from site

An Eastwood concrete company is calling for anyone who knows where their stolen tools are to come forward and help them “with the strictest confidence”.

Thieves broke into SA Concrete Cutting Services LTD, on Linkmel Road, on Saturday, March 30, and entered two vans on the premises.

SA Concrete Cutting Services Ltd have recently had a van broken into a equipment stolen, pictured is Mark Anderson

SA Concrete Cutting Services Ltd have recently had a van broken into a equipment stolen, pictured is Mark Anderson

Once on the site, the thieves then covered up the company’s CCTV cameras and proceeded to cut holes through the vans – stealing more than £8,000 worth of tools from the business.

Managers at the site have called for anyone with information about the incident, or anyone who may have seen tools for sale, to contact them “with the strictest confidence” that their name will not get out.

Mark Anderson, site manager, said: “We had two vans outside overnight but we don’t normally leave them outside.

“One of them had an engine not working and the other had just had its MOT done.

“The lad whose van its MOT was not in on Friday to pick it up and came to pick it up on the Saturday.

“There was a few problems with it and so he had to come and get it on the Sunday, and when we came in he found that all of his tools and personal items were taken.

“They had also covered up the CCTV with wood and made sure we couldn’t catch them, walked around one van and got a hammer to it and the other had been cut open.

“The equipment stolen out of the van was a Hilti DD250 drill rig, a Hilti TE80 drill/breaker, a Weka DK13 hand held diamond drill and various small hand tools.

“The equipment will be stamped SACC and has been reported stolen to Hilti so will be no use , any buyer will not be able to buy spares for them.

“We also walked around the corner and found the handle to one of our tools on the floor near a nearby business, however when their CCTV was checked we saw that the people had also blocked off their cameras too.

“As a company were obviously gutted that we’ve been robbed in this way but also the lad who’s van it is also had personal items stolen.

“For information leading to either the name or location/ return of the equipment, all information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

“You can call me on 07970 570092.”

Both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Police have been contacted for comment.

Neither force was able to provide a response before your Advertiser went to print.