Flower thefts are ‘shameful’

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COUNCILLORS have blasted ‘shameful’ thieves who have stolen newly planted flowers from hanging baskets in Eastwood this week.

Eastwood town councillors were told at a meeting on Monday that all the flowers in the basket attached to the sign opposite B&Q in Derby Road had been stolen – just two weeks after they were planted.

Leader Cllr David Bagshaw said: “This was shameful. Here we are trying to brighten up our town only for someone to steal the plants and destroy the great work the council is doing for the town.

“We won’t replace the plants only for them to be stolen again. Sadly the trough will have to remain empty for the rest of the summer.”

Anyone with information about the thefts should call the town clerk on 01773 719384.

A council spokesman said that if those responsible are caught the council would consider replacing the plants.

Hanging baskets have been put up across the town over the last fortnight after the council awarded a contract to Premier 1 UK for the work.