Home Office report says crime rate has fallen

Home Office figures released last week confirm that Nottinghamshire has the joint highest crime reduction rate in England and Wales.

The statistics show the number of offences committed in each of the 43 police areas in the 12 months from October 2009 to September 2010.

In Nottinghamshire, there were a total of 90,583 offences recorded – 17,356 fewer than the previous year.

For the second successive quarter, overall crime fell in Nottinghamshire by 16 per cent, more than double the national average rate of seven per cent.

The county has the highest vehicle crime reduction rate of all forces. Car crime fell by almost a third from 14,477 offences to 10,148.

Criminal damage offences fell by almost a quarter from 22,793 to 17,324, robbery offences fell from 2,116 to 1,729, firearms offences fell from 204 to 153 and burglary was down from 16,139 offences to 13,660 offences.

Nottinghamshire also has the country’s sixth highest reduction rate for burglary.