Joyriders crash car into lamppost

Joyriders spent hours touring Langley Mill before they crashed a stolen car into a parked vehicle and a lamp standard.

They caused extensive damage to the black Ford Focus they had taken from a house on Bella Close, Langley Mill, at around 12.30am on Sunday.

And they wrote off a car after crashing into it on Edward Street at 3.15am that morning.

Now police are hoping people may recall seeing the car that night - or even have noticed the burglary or the crash.

The Focus owner was woken by her dog barking and found the front door wide open.

When she went to check, she discovered house and car keys missing and the Ford gone from outside.

A neighbour has told police he heard tyres screeching at 12.30am and got up to see a car “racing down the street.”

Police have carried out house-to-house enquiries and are hoping other people will call them on the Derbyshire police non-emergency number of 101.

A spokesman said:”The stolen car had to be recovered by a garage and the car parked on Edward Street is a write-off.”