Man given curfew for car park fight

AN ILKESTON man has been handed a suspended prison sentence after being found guilty of assault.

Magistrates sitting at Derby Magistrates’ Court found Aaron Powdrill, 40, guilty of assaulting his ex brother-in-law, Nicholas Hobster in Tesco car park last November.

He was handed a 16 week prison sentence which will be suspended for 12 months. He will also be made to wear an electronic tag and obey a curfew between 10.30pm and 8am.

The pair exchanged angry words in the supermarket after Powdrill’s eleven-year-old son allegedly stuck his fingers up at Mr Hobster.

A shopper stepped in and asked the men to stop swearing and using foul language as there were children around.

After both men and their sons left the supermarket a brawl broke out in the car park.

A witness described seeing Powdrill, who is a black belt in Kung Fu, ‘shouting’ and then ‘running across the car park’ to kick Mr Hobster ‘two or three times.’

Magistrates heard from Jason Manchester, a shopper who did not know either of the two men, at the day long trial.

They also heard from Powdrill and Mr Hobster as well as Powdrill’s eleven-year-old son who witnessed the incident. Mr Hobster’s eight-year-old son also witnessed the fight but did not give evidence.

Mr Hobster suffered a bruised hip and cut ear as a result of the incident.

Defending Powdrill Miss Margiotta told the court that her client was also injured and had a cut across his face under his eye that had been caused by something Mr Hobster must have been holding, ‘maybe car keys,’ as he struck him.

Powdrill, who had no previous convictions, will be made to pay £150 compensation and £300 costs.

A restraining order was also made against him.