Mansfield boozer's drunken dips at reservoir

King's Mill Reservoir
King's Mill Reservoir

A boozed-up Mansfield man who shouted threats and swore at police after climbing in and out of King's Mill Reservoir, has appeared in court.

Police were called to the bank opposite Morrisons, where they found Richard Gibson, lying on his back, in his T-shirt and underpants, at 5pm, on September 27.

"He had been scratched by the thorny bushes nearby," said prosecutor Robert Carr, "and there was half a bottle of vodka.

"He was shouting that he was going to kill someone. They carried him up the bank and stood him up at the fence.

"He continued to shout and swear and told them to f*** off. He was abusive towards a group of people."

When he tried to urinate he was arrested and taken to A&E at King's Mill Hospital, where he continued to be "disruptive and abusive to the distress of other patients."

Gibson, who was not represented, told magistrates he had felt suicidal at the time, and apologised for his behaviour.

He said he hoped to go into a residential detox programme to stop drinking.

Gibson, 48, of Northfield Park, Mansfield Woodhouse, admitted being drunk and disorderly when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

He was fined £80, with a £32 government surcharge.

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