Mansfield drug worker overturns drink drive ban

Latest court news...
Latest court news...

A Mansfield drug and alcohol worker who has been banned twice for driving over the limit succeeded in getting a three-year disqualification overturned.

Lee Orrell was stopped by police after he was seen speeding in the rain in an open-top black Mercedes convertible on Ravensdale Road, Mansfield, at 8pm, on June 29, 2017.

A test revealed he had 117 mcgs of alcohol in 100 mls of breath, when the legal limit is 35 mcgs.

Mansfield magistrates heard he had a previous conviction for drink driving from April 2010, and he received a community order and a 48 month ban, which was reduced to three years.

Under Section 42 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act, banned drivers are entitled to apply for the return of their licence after two years.

The bench was told they should consider his character and subsequent conduct, the nature of the offence and any other circumstances.

Mr Orell, 50, of Northfield Drive, Mansfield, said: "I am very sorry for what happened. Nine years ago I realised I had a drink problem. It was a relapse after my mother died of cancer.

"I work in drug and alcohol issues for people with complex needs. My boss has asked me to come.

"I sit down with service commissioners and we come up with new ways of working that save millions of pounds further down the line.

"For me to be caught drink driving, it wasn't good. I am asked to lecture at universities around the country and I have had to turn them down.

"I have a good influence and that is why I would like my licence back."

He added that he is the sole carer for his 81-year-old father and the disqualification impacts on him as well.

Magistrates approved the application on Friday, with immediate effect, because although it was a second offence "it's not the worst case we've come across", and they took note of his character and conduct, and the situation with his father.

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