Mansfield man assaulted paramedic in town pub

Police were called to the Wheatsheaf Inn, on Stockwell Gate.
Police were called to the Wheatsheaf Inn, on Stockwell Gate.

A Mansfield man assaulted a paramedic who was called out to treat him after he blacked out in a pub, a court heard.

An ambulance was called after Robert Gibson began banging his head against a wall, in the Wheatsheaf pub, at 9.50pm, on May 15.

Paramedics found him lying on the ground and growling, but when one of them spoke to him, he lunged and shoved the man.

"He began shouting and swearing," said prosecutor Emma Heath-Tilford.

"When they explained they were there to help him, he confronted them, and they waited for police to arrive."

When Gibson was spoken to the next day, he said he couldn't recall the incident, but admitted he had had not taken his medication for two days.

Lesley Pidcock, mitigating, said Gibson, who suffers from manic depression, had blacked out during a mental health crisis.

He had been taken out by his uncle for a night out, she added.

"It's a really unfortunate set of circumstances," she said. "He wasn't in control of what he was doing."

Gibson, 25, of Shaftesbury Avenue, admitted assaulting an emergency worker, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

He was fined £80, and was orderded to pay £50 compensation, £85 costs and a £30 government surcharge.

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