Mansfield man in court for accidentally trashing friend’s YMCA room when drunk

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A young Mansfield man ended up in court after accidentally trashing his former girlfriends room at the town’s YMCA when he went there to sleep off a night on the town.

Luke Anthony Rawstron, 24, of Commercial Gate, was also living at the YMCA on Westfield Lane when his former girlfriend, with whom he was still friends, came back to find him asleep ‘in a heap’ on her bedroom floor on October 9.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday (October 28) how Rawstron had been out for a drink with his former partner on the night but felt worse for wear, so she gave him the keys to her room to go back and sleep it off.

The pair did have their own separate rooms in the building but had decided Rawstron was going to stay in her room for the night.

The defence solicitor, Yvonne Wragg, told the court how there was then a “very unfortunate end” to the evening.

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She said: “The ex-girlfriend had given him her key, but because he was drunk he had completely forgotten the key was in his pocket.

“So he forced his way into the room and as he did so, fell into the curtain pole and brought it down with him.

“And when she came back to her room, she found him in a heap on the floor with the curtain pole.”

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Reports from Mansfield Magistrates’ Court

Lee Shepherd, prosecuting, said: “This is a matter of criminal damage to his friend’s room.

“He broke in whilst she wasn’t there and she came back to find him asleep on the floor amongst the damages.”

Rawstron, who had been living at the YMCA since June, pleaded guilty to criminal damage after he broke the lock on the door and the curtain pole.

The YMCA totalled the damages at £50, which he was ordered to repay in compensation.

He was also made to pay an additional £270 in fines and court costs.


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