More specials on the beat

MORE special police officers are to be introduced in Nottinghamshire.

The move to increase the number of special officers from 320 to 550 by 2014 was approved by Nottinghamshire Police Authority’s Community Engagement and Partnerships Committee last week.

They will support the neighbourhood teams as part of an initiative to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, increase public confidence and provide more support to regular officers.

Supt Paul Anderson, the force’s lead officer for Special Constabulary, said: “The high level of dedication and professionalism of officers who are, after all, volunteers have always made them a highly sought resource to maintain and improve our performance.

“Despite the challenges posed by the current financial landscape, our commitment to keep the people of Nottinghamshire safe is undiminished and our special constables play an important role in our work to achieve this.

“This summer we will begin a series of awareness events for members of the public who would like to volunteer as special officers.”

Anyone who would like to attend an event should email or contact 0300 300 99 99, ext. 800 2429 to register an interest.