Notts Police condemn four 'sickening' attacks on officers

Nottinghamshire Police have condemned four ‘sickening’ attacks on their officers in the last 48 hours. 

Inspector Heather Sutton, neighbourhood policing inspector for the Newark and Sherwood area, said that the attacks included officers being racially abused, spat at, kicked and bitten. 



In a statement, Insp Sutton praised the ‘extraordinary’ work officers do to protect the public, and called the attacks sickening. 

In her statement she said: “In the last 48 hours, there have been four sickening attacks on Newark and Sherwood Police Officers.

“These incidents include officers being repeatedly racially abused, spat at in the face, kicked in the head and bitten.

“Our officers are part of our community. They undertake extraordinary work everyday to protect and serve the public.

“They work 24/7, on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, on their loved ones birthdays, and when they are needed at home, they still come to selflessly serve the public.

“Our officers have feelings, they all have their own little quirks, different characters, they are a complete mix of fathers, mothers, carers, best mates and loved ones.

“They absolutely do not deserve to be assaulted and abused in the line of duty.

“In 2018 the maximum sentence for assault against emergency workers doubled and the courts were directed to consider the strongest penalties for such offences.

“This was to recognise the courage, commitment and dedication they show every day in carrying out their duties.

“The message is clear: Attacks on our officers will not be tolerated and you will face the full force of the law.”