Notts Police urge public to utilise knife amnesty bins after fatal Nottingham stabbing

Knives handed in to Nottinghamshire Police last year.
Knives handed in to Nottinghamshire Police last year.

Officers at Nottinghamshire Police have urged members of the public to utilise this week's knife amnesty and dispose of their unwanted blades.

It comes after a man was killed in a Nottingham city centre stabbing on Saturday night, with a murder investigation taking place across the city.

The force is taking part in the knife amnesty as part of the national 'Operation Sceptre' initiative - which will also be Nottinghamshire Police's third amnesty in the last 18 months.

And officers have called on the public to "just give up" their knives following the Nottingham incident, saying there is "nothing to be gained" by carrying a knife.

A spokesman for Sherwood Police said: "On Saturday, September 14, yet another life was taken on our Nottingham streets due to a knife attack.

"This is devastating to family and friends and so unnecessary. Our thoughts are with anyone who has been effected by, or the victim of knife crime.

"This week, commencing September 16, our knife amnesty is being highly publicised in order to encourage anyone who carries a knife or anyone who knows a friend or relative who does to just give it up.

"Knife 'drop' bins are being placed all over Nottinghamshire, including police stations, council offices and churches.

"Please come along, you are not being watched, nobody is being questioned as to why you have dropped a knife, we do not follow you, we just want your knife off the streets.

"Whatever reasons you may think you have for carrying a knife can only work against you, because if you are stopped and searched be assured Nottinghamshire Police will take action against you.

"There is nothing to be gained by carrying a knife in public. Knife crime is never the answer."