Notts Sexual Violence Advisor awarded for 'excellent work' at awards night in Mansfield

Liz Seward with her award.
Liz Seward with her award.

A woman who supports victims of serious sexual assaults has been awarded for her excellent work at an awards night in Mansfield

Mrs Liz Seward, Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA), has been praised following her excellent work as a dedicated support worker, providing assistance to victims of serious sexual assaults.

Mrs Seward has been in the role since 2017 and already built up a great reputation for providing a high level of assistance, particularly her ability to encourage even the most traumatised victims to support prosecutions by giving evidence in court.

Chief Superintendent Rob Griffin said: "Liz fully deserves the award. She regularly goes over and above what is expected of her in provision of this assistance, helping them with various tasks which enables them return to a semblance of normality including accompanying them to GP appointments, assisting them with housing issues and helping them to apply for any benefits they may be entitled to.

"She also helps the members of a victim’s immediate family, often overlooked as being affected by such serious crimes.

"Liz also provides assistance to the investigating officers, offering them support with the more intense investigations.

"Her excellent working practices have undoubtedly ensured that many of our offenders have not escaped prosecution because of the lack of victim co-operation.

"She is commended for her strong worth ethic and empathy for our victims of crime."

Liz Seward said: "All cases are different and come with many complex and individual needs. In the past two years our cases have rocketed, Nottingham Sexual Violent Support Services has gone from a team of two ISVAs to a team of six.

"This has given us the ability to help meet the needs of anyone who has endured a serious sexual assault or historic childhood abuse.

"Supporting a client through the criminal justice system is a difficult and long process. Preparing someone for Court who has never been involved with the police, let alone been inside a Crown Court, is a very difficult journey for them and their families. We have lots of resources and great training that enables us to help and support these individuals at their time of need.

"I am totally honoured and truly humbled that DS Barton took the time to put me forward for this recognition."

The awards on Thursday, October 17, at Mansfield Town Football Club gave the force an opportunity to recognise and reward officers, staff and volunteers, as well as the general public.